I’m living at home and for some reason I’ve pissed off my father. He says I have to move out for some time, and I get angry and say fine I’ll just move out for good. I spend the better part of the dream packing things up into C’s car, jackets, at one point I look at my old bed and see a kitten playing under the covers acting cute, and eating lipstick? Has it on her paws. I continue loading up the car. I contemplate smashing in the heads of the china dolls that my mother collects in my room but then I hug her I have no qualms with her. Dream phases. I remember unloading a few things of my car to C’s parents place. Phases again. Suddenly at the dentist, explaining to her about my teeth? She says we need special toothpaste that only dentists sell. I look at the bill and it’s $1,257 total. I think about how insurance is going to cover it. Wake up while on the dentist chair talking.



Only part of this dream I remember clearly (and I know there is more to it) is that I am about to travel on an airplane and instead of being worried at all I am completely calm, sitting in my seat waiting to take off. I am going some place exotic, no idea why. There is talk of a lot more flying in my future.


I am at a mall or something with Nathan (highschool chum, who came out with his sexuality thanks to some help from me and let everyone know he is gay). We’re wandering through. I remark to him off hand that if I were to disappear no one would even notice. I pass by various groups of old highschool friends, and some from Germany, and Nova Scotia. It looks like the inside of a movie theater. Dream phases. No longer with Nathan but with David but I call him Patrick? He takes me outside, it is night time, there is a fence. A car with a dog that I call a raccoon. He feeds it a cheeto. Talking about dreams and wishes the whole time. Dream phases. Inside a couples house. They have a kid. I remark that I’d love a baby. David (Patrick?) is telling a story about star wars and something about jarjar binks (who I don’t even know as a character at all in real life). The parents are smiling and talking to me while he talks to the kid who was eating a giant roll of baloney, he complains (the kid) that it’s cold. The parents agree. Decide it’s time to leave (me), and head out the door. Begin walking towards a bus shelter, I remark that this is the first time I had so much fun in a long while, and I didn’t even bring my purse.

Wake up shortly after.

Confusing Bands

In a house, basement. Can’t remember any details. There’s a band involved. House looks like the one from Nova Scotia. But has a garage like the one in Russell. Band has to leave, there’s some woman stalking them? Not me but feels like me. Like I am seeing through her mind. Band lead singer leaves. I call him? Dream phases big time. I’m in a mobile home with strangers. There’s magic going on? Something is wrong. I have magic powers? Can’t remember. I call the band lead member to tell him .. something important, but I can’t remember what! If I don’t tell him whatever it is I need to say something bad will happen. Whoever I’m with in the mobile home decides to leave. I remember looking at posters of the band lead singer on the wall. Wake up shortly after.


Weird dream, can’t remember much. Pregnant woman laying on a stone path that leads down into a cave, it’s dark, there are people walking all around her but not helping her. It’s up to me to help her, I crouch low on the ground. Can’t remember anything else.


Walking home from some place with Nancy Robar (another Nova Scotia chum). We pass an apartment building my Mom is inside. There are three kittens in the glass doorway of the apartment building. Nancy is visiting. I tell her about how Mom refuses to let the kittens out of the building, but also won’t claim them as her own. I explain this to Nancy. We leave that apartment building and go to my home. There is a letter taped to the door with baseball cards inside for my Dad, they are worth a lot of money.

A big huge guy comes to the door. He asks for Brian(?) he has a silver lighter with him. He flicks it open, he says Brian started a fire in his house with this lighter. I remember Brian starting fires with that lighter before, and I sigh and the guy grabs me by the throat and tries to choke me. Nancy leaves. Dream phases a bit.

Dad is home and talking to the huge guy outside on the balcony. Dream jumps too much to understand what is going on. Eventually it ends up with Dad defending Brian and explaining how his lighter was out of fluid. I have huge bruises on my neck from him choking me. He eventually stabs Mom above the left eye with a pair of scissors. I run across the street to Nancy’s house and scream that they must call 911.

Dream phases. Thinking of ways to escape this crazy guy who has just killed a bunch of people. He claims he is a cop. Myself Brian and some people I don’t recognize decide to escape on a plane. The crazy guy gets there too. He tries not to be noticed though. We work at trying to get away from him. The stewardess says we can go into this secure room and lock ourselves in there and blow up a bomb in there. There are two pumpkins filled with bomb supplies. The crazy guy has one too. Things phase and jump a lot. The crazy guy is going to throw a bomb at our door, we are working out a plan to escape. The stewardess is in the little room with us, taping pieces of paper together, talking to herself about how at last she will be able to fly, and I remember thinking that she is going to jump out with the crazy guys bomb in her hands to save us. Wake up shortly after.

Back to School

Every time I dream of school it’s always the one in Nova Scotia, no idea why. It’s a new school year. I feel as though I’m going back even though I’m supposed to be done. I don’t have a schedule. I am outside with Dawn Clark, old chum from Nova Scotia. She is outside and talking to me about how it’s warm enough for bare feet along the beach close to the school. Bell rings. I am wandering around because I have no schedule. My backpack is in my old classroom. It’s filled with teenagers, but there are three or four of us who were there from a previous year because we’re not sure where to go. The kid beside me whips out this camera and threatens to take a picture, as luck would have it, I also have my camera, so I pull it out and put his to shame.

I leave, with my backpack, to try to figure out my schedule. Teacher steps out into the hall with me and hands me a piece of paper that she’s signed off on that is a representation of my classes. I’m taking some sort of European history course along with sculpting, and some sort of understanding electricity class. I have to get a photocopy of this schedule made. I head downstairs to the office, there are kids everywhere because none of us has a schedule. There is a girl crying on the stairs with a teacher, not sure what’s going on there. I feel as though this is my year. Not afraid at all. I get in line to have my schedule photocopied. The professor behind the counter has to confirm that the teachers signed off on these schedules before they’re photocopied. Turns out this is my European history teacher. He says he will mark that I was present in class today. I ask him how he will remember and he makes up some weird story in French to me about how he’ll remember (I forget the details). I find it a little odd he’s speaking french to me. I get back in line to copy my schedule. The guy ahead of me leaves his papers in the machine, and they look important, like cheques. I don’t want someone to steal them so I ask him if he meant to leave them there. He is talking to someone else. I ask him if it’s ok for me to go and use the machine. At the last second I decide I am not going to bother copying my schedule, I am just going to write it out by hand. Wake up shortly after.